WebChangeMonitor 24.06

Monitors allows you to quickly check a number of web pages and tracks changes based on the content of the web pages. Allows to monitor several protocols, including HTTP and HTTPS. Allows to view and record differences. Available for Win7/10, Linux and others.

WebChangeMonitor features:

  • Allows monitoring of web pages and informs about content changes
  • Indication of states of currently monitored items in the tool and taskbar
  • Reporting as sound and/or email as well as log file or HTML log
  • Several configuration / filter options
  • Support all protocols, e.g. http, https
  • Multi-threaded, running in the background
  • Bulk-import and bulk-export of items (from/to CSV) to monitor
  • Export of results to CSV file for further processing
  • Allows running command on items states and/or showing diff (changes) of content with preferred diff-tool ...and many more!
  • Open Source (C++, wxWidgets)
  • Cross platform for Windows (7/10), Linux, RPi and Mac (if self-compiled)

WebChangeMonitor 24.06 release notes:

  • Release 24.06 of the new 2-months release cycle first of all upgrades the core library of the application which should fix a few UI glitches here and there (rarely noticeable).
  • Furthermore minor bugs have been fixed, a few related to Linux and others, e.g. related to the empty logs in the UI.
  • Some new features haven been implemented, where one is a more detailed RegEx testbed to play around with the settings to tune content filters.
  • Other libraries have been updated to stay up-to-date with latest security related fixes.