W10Privacy 5.0

W10Privacy is a powerful and user-friendly privacy tool designed for Windows 10 users. With its intuitive interface, it allows users to easily customize and manage privacy settings, giving them control over data collection, telemetry, and other sensitive information. W10Privacy offers an array of key features for Windows 10 users seeking enhanced privacy and security. With a user-friendly interface, users can easily customize privacy settings and control data collection and telemetry. The tool enables seamless app management, allowing users to uninstall unwanted Windows applications. It also offers Cortana management options and the ability to control Windows updates. Advanced firewall configuration and Windows Defender settings give users added security measures. One-click optimization and predefined privacy profiles save time while securing privacy.

W10Privacy key features:

  • Customizable Privacy Settings: Take control of data collection and telemetry options to safeguard your personal information.
  • Telemetry Control: Disable or limit Windows telemetry to prevent data sharing with Microsoft.
  • App and Feature Control: Choose which built-in Windows apps and features to enable or disable.
  • Update Control: Manage Windows update settings to prevent unwanted updates or choose specific update options.
  • Firewall Configuration: Access advanced firewall settings to protect your network and data.
  • Windows Defender Options: Adjust Windows Defender settings for better security and control.
  • Privacy Profiles: Utilize pre-configured profiles for different privacy levels, saving time on customization.
  • Individual Privacy Categories: Fine-tune settings for specific privacy categories, such as telemetry, location, or search.
  • Context Menu Integration: Access essential W10Privacy features directly from the right-click menu.
  • Privacy Analysis: Get a comprehensive overview of potential privacy issues and recommendations.
  • Create Restore Points: Safeguard your system by creating restore points before applying changes.
  • Control Windows Services: Manage and disable unnecessary Windows services for improved performance.
  • Portable Mode: Run W10Privacy from a USB drive without installation for privacy on the go.
  • Regular Updates: Stay up-to-date with the latest improvements and privacy enhancements.

W10Privacy changelog:

  • Added over a dozen user apps that can now be uninstalled (Windows 11 23H2)
  • Added over a dozen system apps that can now be uninstalled (Windows 11 23H2)
  • Add/adjust various settings, not just for Windows 11 23H2
  • Expansion of the tasks that can be deactivated

Microsoft Edge uninstall

  • Users regularly report that uninstalling the "Microsoft Edge" browser via W10Privacy would not work. I was able to verify that on many systems the native Edge uninstaller, for whatever reason, is simply not able to cleanly remove Edge. The messages that come up here are diverse, e.g. B. does the uninstaller first want to establish a connection to the Internet in order to "repair" the Edge installation before Edge is uninstalled?! At this point, I've had enough of the nonsense that Microsoft is spouting - the setting in the "Edge" tab continues to call up the standard uninstallation mechanisms in the first step However, if the Edge uninstallation is not successful, the new W10Privacy program version will now remove Edge "the hard way": stopping the associated services, removing the associated services, deleting the relevant entries in the registry, deletion of shortcuts on the desktop, deletion of created tasks, deletion of paths in the file system. The mechanics ran without any problems on my test systems, but as always there is no guarantee that this will work to the desired extent on other systems! If Edge is to be reinstalled after deinstallation, the MSI installer can be downloaded from here.

Note: False positive virus detections may occur for W10Privacy. The software is designed to modify system settings, but it does not contain any actual viruses. Notify your anti-virus vendor to address the issue.