ExplorerPatcher 22621.2506.60.1 Final

ExplorerPatcher is a versatile and free tool that allows you to tweak and enhance the Windows Explorer. It comes with a range of useful features, including the ability to add new context menu items, change file name colors, and enable hidden features.

Feature summary

  • Choose between Windows 11 or Windows 10 taskbar (with labels support, small icons and lots of customization).
  • Disable Windows 11 context menu and command bar in File Explorer and more.
  • Open Start to All apps by default, choose number of frequent apps to show, display on active monitor and more.
  • Choose between the Windows 11, Windows 10 and Windows NT Alt-Tab window switcher with customization.

Lots of quality of life improvements for the shell, like:

  • Skin tray menus to match Windows style, make them behave like flyouts and center them relative to the icon.
  • Choose action when left and/or right clicking the network icon.
  • Revert to the Windows 7 search box in File Explorer, or disable Windows Search altogether.
  • Disable immersive menus and use mitigations that help you run the real classic theme without glitches.
  • Discover the program's full range of features by reading this wiki article.

ExplorerPatcher 22621.2506.60.1 changelog:

Tested on OS builds 22000.2416, 22000.2538, 22621.2361, 22621.2506, 22621.2715, 22631.2787, 23585.1001, and 23590.1000.

  • Taskbar10: Fixed Windows 11 Start menu and Search positioning on builds 22621.2787+ and 23545+ (Dev). (ac268b1, 7d0cdde)
  • File Explorer: Added option to disable the modern navigation bar of Moment 4. (2dc1340)
  • File Explorer: Restored "Apply Mica" functionality on OS builds 22621+. (f62c532)
  • Localization: Officially added translations for the following languages: Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Dutch, Indonesian, Japanese
  • Thanks to everyone involved!
  • GUI: Decoupled the Properties window into ep_gui.dll from the main DLL in order to reduce the main DLL size and to allow scalable localization. (f6f6d89, 639d7aa)
  • rundll32 C:\Windows\dxgi.dll,ZZGUI will continue to work as before.

In this update, most if not all user-facing parts of ExplorerPatcher have been made localizable.

  • The English texts have been put together into here and here.
  • Non-English texts have been designed to be put into this separate repository. Feel free to make a PR there if you want to contribute to translations.
  • Some texts have been updated to be more concise and accurate, so for existing translation fork maintainers, please double check the translations before making a PR to the said repository.
  • Also for translation fork maintainers, a large number of conflicts will happen if you decide to continue merging changes from the main repository.
  • Please let us know through Issues if there are still user-facing parts of ExplorerPatcher that are not localizable.

Please consult the README for more details.A detailed change log is available here.