CrystalDiskInfo 9.0.1 [Update]

CrystalDiskInfo is a HDD/SSD health monitoring utility. It displays basic HDD (also SSD and USB-HDD) information, monitors S.M.A.R.T. values and disk temperature. It will also display the S.M.A.R.T data as a list so you can see the specific issue that a hard drive may have. It provides a health rating based on your drive's SMART status, plus will list its temperature, enabling you to see just how hot your drives are running. As various factors approach thresholds of danger, CrystalDiskInfo will alert you, letting you know it's time to make backups while you still can.

CrystalDiskInfo 9.0 changelog:

  • Added Intel VROC support

  • Added JMicron USB RAID (JMB39x/JMS56x) support

  • Added locking mechanism for JMicron JMS583 to avoid conflicts with other system information tools (e.g. SIV)

  • Added Sandisk/WD CloudSpeed Gen. II SSD Support

  • Added 16 drives support

  • Added Drive Letter sort mode

  • Improved Intel RST NVMe support

  • Improved SATA SSD Hanye-Q55 support

  • Fixed Phison SATA SSD support

  • Updated language files (All language)

CrystalDiskInfo 9.0.1 fixes:

  • Fixed Drive Letter sort mode