Mullvad Browser 13.5.1

The Mullvad Browser is a privacy-focused web browser developed in a collaboration between Mullvad VPN and the Tor Project. It's designed to minimize tracking and fingerprinting. You could say it's a Tor Browser to use without the Tor Network. Instead, you can use it with a trustworthy VPN. The idea is to provide one more alternative - beside the Tor Network - to browse the internet with more privacy. To get as many people as possible to fight the big data gathering of today. To free the internet from mass surveillance.

The Mullvad browser is free of charge, open source, and can be used without Mullvad VPN (although the combination is recommended). It is supported across platforms (Windows, MacOS, Linux).

  • Privacy quality of the Tor Browser. To use with a VPN - Using a VPN is not enough to achieve perfect privacy online. There's simply too much data being extracted through most browsers. The Mullvad Browser is a web browser with the privacy quality of the Tor Browser, to be used with a trustworthy VPN.
  • Strong anti-fingerprinting from the Tor Project - The Tor Project has a proven track record of building a privacy-focused browser. The Mullvad Browser has the same fingerprinting protection as the Tor Browser - it just connects to the internet with (or without) a VPN instead of the Tor Network.
  • No telemetry - Telemetry refers to unique data collected by the browser to enhance its performance. Mullvad does not support the collection of user data. Therefore, with the Mullvad Browser, all telemetry has been removed.
  • Privacy first - Mullvad VPN has a proven record of putting privacy first. With no strange business models or short-term venture capitalist owners. The Tor Project is a non-profit organization fighting for human rights.

Mullvad Browser 13.5.1 changelog:

All Platforms

  • Updated Firefox to 115.13.0esr
  • Bug 317: Rebase Mullvad Browser stable onto 115.13.0esr [mullvad-browser]
  • Bug 42693: Backports security fixes from Firefox 128 [tor-browser]


  • Bug 314: Mullvad Browser is not listed as a possible default browser application for Gnome on Ubuntu / Fedora [mullvad-browser]

Build System / All Platforms

  • Bug 41166: Use the GitHub repository for firefox-l10n [tor-browser-build]
  • Bug 41173: Fix permission issue on files in the debian directory [tor-browser-build]


  • Bug 41177: Include Windows installer without -portable- in download json files [tor-browser-build]