Microsoft PC Manager Offline Installer


With Microsoft PC Manager, users can easily perform basic computer maintenance and enhance the speed of their devices with just one click. This app offers a range of features, including disk cleanup, startup app management, virus scanning, Windows Update checks, process monitoring, and storage management.

Microsoft PC Manager key features:

  • Storage Manager- easily uninstall infrequently used apps, manage large files, perform a cleanup, and set up Storage Sense to automatically clear temporary files.
  • Health Checkup feature -scans for potential problems, viruses, and startup programs to turn off. It helps you identify unnecessary items to remove, optimizing your system's performance.
  • Pop-up Management - block pop-up windows from appearing in apps.
  • Windows Update - scans your system for any pending updates.
  • Startup Apps - enable or disable startup apps on your PC, allowing you to optimize your system's startup performance.
  • Browser Protection - rest assured that harmful programs cannot alter your default browser. Also enables you to change your default browser.
  • Process Management - allows you to conveniently terminate any active process, ensuring optimal system performance and resource utilization.
  • Anti-virus protection - Fully integrated with Windows Security. Safeguard your PC anytime.

Quick Steps: Download Microsoft PC Manager Offline Installer (APPX/MSIX) with Adguard

Adguard serves as a third-party online service, offering a user-friendly method for directly downloading appx, appxbundle, and msixbundle files from the Microsoft Store. Official download links will be generated for both the app's various versions and its dependency packages.

How to download Microsoft PC Manager Offline Installer (APPX/MSIX)

1. Initially, you must find the app URL within the Microsoft Store. Access the Microsoft Store via your browser and search for "Microsoft PC Manager". Once located, copy the app URL, which includes the product ID, either from the address bar or from the provided link below.

2. Now paste the app URL into the designated area, then click the check mark button to produce a direct download link.

3. To download, right-click the relevant link and select "Save link as..." from your browser's menu. Occasionally, Microsoft Edge may flag the download as insecure. In such cases, consider utilizing alternative browsers such as Google Chrome or Firefox to successfully complete the download.

Microsoft PC Manager is a completely free tool optimized exclusively for use on Windows 10 (version 1809 or newer) and Windows 11.