Vivaldi 6.6 download: now available!

Vivaldi is a cross-platform web browser built for - and with - the web. A browser based on the Blink engine (same in Chrome and Chromium) that is fast, but also a browser that is rich in functionality, highly flexible and puts the user first. A browser that is made for you. Vivaldi is produced with love by a founding team of browser pioneers, including former CEO Jon Stephenson von Tetzchner, who co-founded and led Opera Software.

Vivaldi's interface is very customizable. Vivaldi combines simplicity and fashion to create a basic, highly customizable interface that provides everything a internet user could need. The browser allows users to customize the appearance of UI elements such as background color, overall theme, address bar and tab positioning, and start pages. Vivaldi features the ability to "stack" and "tile" tabs, annotate web pages, add notes to bookmarks and much more.

Vivaldi 6.6.3271.45 changelog:

  • [New][Mail] Search improvements: Filter by Attachments/SentDate/Folder/autocompleted Recipients for search and saved filters VB-95157
  • [New][Panels] Make side-panels/web-panels work more like regular tabs VB-103513
  • [New][Settings] Move Site Permissions UI to Vivaldi VB-100958
  • [New][Settings] Automatic crash collection and submission VB-98193
  • [New][Reading List] Import from and export to Instapaper CSV VB-103498
  • [Address bar] Animate blocker shield icon when first activated VB-103568
  • [Address bar] Autocomplete matches t from https VB-102878
  • [Address bar] Best Result Shouldn't pick search suggestion items by its URL VB-102931
  • [Address bar] Display number of blocked items on the shield icon VB-102044
  • [Address bar] Doesn't autocomplete correctly when subdomain VB-103593
  • [Address bar] Don't pick search suggestion for best result VB-103084
  • [Address bar] Is selecting a different item for each key press VB-102250
  • [Address bar] Search doesn't search for the right thing VB-102365
  • [Address bar] Search suggestions are displayed twice VB-103165
  • [Address bar] Should not autocomplete when typing domain with TLD VB-101714
  • [Address bar] Still searching items when dropdown disabled VB-102335
  • [Address bar] Typed history shouldn't insert item when focusing and pressing Enter VB-103074
  • [Address bar] Using colon to specify port alters URI scheme VB-102897
  • [Address bar] Using domain expansion doesn't generate typed history VB-102547
  • [Address bar] When typing and hitting "Enter" quickly, some characters are dropped VB-103404
  • [Address bar] When typing into the address bar and hitting enter quickly, some characters are dropped VB-103404
  • [Address bar][Auto-Update][Themes] Restart button has low-contrast in dark themes VB-103384
  • [Address bar][Bookmarks] "Open address in new tab" doesn't work for bookmark folder nicknames VB-102479
  • [Address bar][Sync][Tabs] Syncing causes slowdown VB-102779
  • [Address bar][Themes] Selection does not use themes highlight color VB-92801
  • [Blocker] Center shield icon counter VB-102044 [full changelog]