LocalSend 1.13.0

LocalSend is a free, open-source app that allows you to securely share files and messages with nearby devices over your local network, all without the need for an internet connection. By removing the dependence on third-party servers, the app eliminates potential bottlenecks and ensures a consistent user experience.

LocalSend uses a secure communication protocol that allows devices to communicate with each other using a REST API. All data is sent securely over HTTPS, and the TLS/SSL certificate is generated on the fly on each device, ensuring maximum security and confidentiality.

For more information on the LocalSend Protocol, see the documentation.

LocalSend 1.13.0 changelog:

For Linux users: ARM64 binaries are now provided!


  • feat: add option to automatically finish after successful transfer (@Tienisto)
  • feat: show favorite name in the device list if marked as favorite (@Tienisto)
  • feat: ignore duplicate files when selected from file picker (@programmermager)
  • feat: add donation options (@Tienisto)
  • feat: add Yaru theme (@Tienisto)
  • feat(desktop): uses settings.json located next to the executable if available for portable mode (@Tienisto)
  • feat(windows): make windows icon sharper (@Tienisto, @sergd88)
  • feat(macos): add Command+W shortcut to close the window (@Q1CHENL)
  • fix: also show an OLED color mode option when dynamic colors are not supported by OS (@dhruvanbhalara)
  • fix: sync button should spin right away when clicked (@Tienisto)
  • fix(android): request permission when saving files outside of downloads folder (@Tienisto)
  • fix(ios): fix permission error when picking directory (@Tienisto)
  • fix(ios): clear cache when file is shared from another app (@Tienisto)
  • i18n: add Greek (@multipetros)


  • update Windows icon (#738) @Tienisto
  • feat: automatically finish (#951) @Tienisto
  • fix: request permission when save file outside of downloads folder (#950) @Tienisto
  • feat: prefer portable settings (#948) @Tienisto
  • fix: set correct architectures in the inno config (#947) @Tienisto
  • fix: clear ios cache when shared from another file (#946) @Tienisto
  • feat: use favorite name in the device list (#945) @Tienisto
  • feat: add yaru theme (#912) @Tienisto
  • feat: add donation options (#910) @Tienisto
  • add duplicate files validation when pick image or files or directory (#904) @programmermager
  • added feature for macos: command+w to close the window without quiting the app (#897) @Q1CHENL
  • update index.html (#879) @ShrootBuck
  • allow to change to oled color theme if it's not supported by os (#856) @dhruvanbhalara
  • docs: @Francesco146, @devcxl, @ShlomoCode, @nidexingg, @RS-labhub
  • i18n: @faea726, @esaracho, @TheGB0077, @nkh0472, @Nixuge, @Francesco146, @RishiASheth, @farshad991, @gidano, @BryanJames16, @Neo1102, @graphemecluster, @trag1c, @Amereyeu, @sergd88, @soya-daizu, @ShlomoCode, @ArthurLobopro, @Radplay, @watchakorn-18k, @mertssmnoglu, @multipetros, @vreoo, @nidexingg, @mgmix