Dopamine 3 Preview 20

Dopamine 3.0 Preview 20 changelog:


  • Added Brazilian Korean translation (Thank you chaeya)
  • Added Brazilian Portuguese translation (Thank you ghsantos)
  • Added media key support (Thank you ghsantos)
  • Added advanced setting to view log file
  • Added artist information on the Now playing screen


  • The queue now shows the songs in playback order (Thank you jessicajeanne)
  • Updated Bulgarian translation (Thank you kukata)
  • Updated Czech translation (Thank you Fjuro)
  • Updated German translation (Thank you BodoTh)
  • Updated Russian translation (Thank you adem4ik)
  • Updated Simplified Chinese translation (Thank you 5zhou, Guanran928, sherlockholmestech)
  • Updated Vietnamese translation (Thank you mastoduy)


  • Fixed the tray icon on MacOS (Thank you ghsantos)
  • Fixed scrobbling not working after restart
  • Fixed bug where title of rating column remained visible when rating column was disabled
  • Fixed missing context menu on Songs screen