Microsoft PC Manager Beta

With Microsoft PC Manager, users can easily perform basic computer maintenance and enhance the speed of their devices with just one click. This app offers a range of features, including disk cleanup, startup app management, virus scanning, Windows Update checks, process monitoring, and storage management.

Microsoft PC Manager key features:

  • Storage Manager- easily uninstall infrequently used apps, manage large files, perform a cleanup, and set up Storage Sense to automatically clear temporary files.
  • Health Checkup feature -scans for potential problems, viruses, and startup programs to turn off. It helps you identify unnecessary items to remove, optimizing your system's performance.
  • Pop-up Management - block pop-up windows from appearing in apps.
  • Windows Update - scans your system for any pending updates.
  • Startup Apps - enable or disable startup apps on your PC, allowing you to optimize your system's startup performance.
  • Browser Protection - rest assured that harmful programs cannot alter your default browser. Also enables you to change your default browser.
  • Process Management - allows you to conveniently terminate any active process, ensuring optimal system performance and resource utilization.
  • Anti-virus protection - Fully integrated with Windows Security. Safeguard your PC anytime.

Microsoft PC Manager is a completely free tool optimized exclusively for use on Windows 10 (version 1809 or newer) and Windows 11.