Thunderbird 102.7.1

Thunderbird is a free, open-source, cross-platform application for managing email and news feeds. It is a local (rather than a web-based) email application that is powerful yet easy-to-use. Thunderbird is developed, tested, translated and supported by the folks at Mozilla Corporation and by a group of dedicated volunteers. Thunderbird gives you control and ownership over your email. There are lots of add-ons available for Thunderbird that enable you to extend and customize your email experience.

Thunderbird gives you IMAP/POP support, a built-in RSS reader, support for HTML mail, powerful quick search, saved search folders, advanced message filtering, message grouping, labels, return receipts, smart address book LDAP address completion, import tools, and the ability to manage multiple e-mail and newsgroup accounts.

Thunderbird 102.7.1 fixes:

  • Microsoft Office 365 accounts were unable to authenticate
  • Switching identities caused remote images in HTML signatures to not be shown
  • Thunderbird failed to import vCards that contained "\r\r\n" line endings
  • Contribution button for add-ons opened Contribution page in a Thunderbird tab, instead of the external browser
  • XMPP did not respond to unrecognized IQ queries, causing some servers to close the connection
  • Window titlebar buttons (minimize/maximize/close) were not displayed in Windows 10 "Dark" color mode
  • Various security fixes